Five Myths About Natural Skin Care

Five Myths About Natural Skin Care

You’ve probably heard the term “green beauty” thrown around a lot recently, but the reality is that the terms don’t really mean what they say. Even water is made up of multiple molecules, so “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you. There’s no regulated definition of what constitutes “clean beauty,” so you should be aware that the term ‘green’ does not necessarily mean that a product is “good for you.”

You may have heard that natural skincare doesn’t work as well as its chemical counterpart. However, this isn’t true. In fact, natural skincare products contain high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that can benefit your skin. Conversely, drugstore skincare products tend to have diluted ingredients and chemical preservatives, which are not only ineffective but also harmful in the long run. This is why it is important to choose the right skincare products.

The first myth is that all chemicals are bad for you. While it’s true that synthetics aren’t naturally occurring, they’re manufactured in labs. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad for you. Natural ingredients are sourced responsibly, and your skin doesn’t know the difference between them. You don’t have to worry about using synthetics. You can even make your own natural ingredients! The best part is that you’ll be able to make a natural choice and be confident about your skin’s health.

Another myth is that natural skin care is expensive. While it is true that some natural products are expensive, they are still cheaper than their chemical counterparts. This is because the pure ingredients are more expensive. Commercial skincare on the other hand is cheap, but it’s often loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always look for cheap, drugstore skincare. Just make sure to pick the right formula.

There are many myths about natural skincare. Many fashion magazines and blogs will tell you that you should use hot water to wash your face. While it may be tempting, hot water strips the skin of its protective layer and dries it out. While this may seem like a harmless idea, there’s really nothing wrong with hot water! The next myth involves using hot water to wash your face. Using hot water will only open up your pores, causing your skin to become red.

You shouldn’t use exfoliating products. The skin naturally sheds keratinocytes, or superficial skin cells, once a month. That means you don’t need to buy a peel, exfoliator, or other abrasive product to keep your skin looking young and clear. Those who are allergic to these ingredients should stop using them and consult with a dermatologist. Mineral oil is a great ingredient to use on your face.

There’s no evidence that chocolate can cause acne. However, dark chocolate contains antioxidants and flavanols that have many health benefits. According to Dr. Peterson Pierre, a dermatologist and founder of the Pierre Skin Care Institute in Westlake Village, California, dark chocolate has more than just skin benefits. Dark chocolate is higher in flavanols than milk chocolate, which is full of dairy and sugar, and has no known benefits for your health.

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